Bach chorales and Advent featured in November 22 concert

On Sunday, November 22, at 4:30 p.m. Glenn Lehman led a concert featuring Bach chorales and songs of Advent. Assisting the congregational singing was the Harmonies Vocal Ensemble: (sop.) Rhoda Denlinger, Cheryl Gingrich, Sarah Schrock, Janet Tisinger, Gretchen Thomas, (alto) Susan Godshall, Nancy Hess, Jeanette Metzler, Anne Sensenig, Sarah Shirk, Stephanie Stauffer, (tenor) Mike Burkholder, Daniel Erdman, Merle Gingrich, Al Hein, Joel Kaltreider, Jon Landis, Carl Laws-Landis, Paul Metzler, (bass) Berry Friesen, Stanley Godshall, Carl Hess, David Sauder, Don Sensenig, and Kelly Williams.

Assisting on instruments were Daryl Snider, guitar oboe, and recorder; Jason Blome, trumpet; Janet Tisinger, soprano; and Frank Dodd, organ,.

One grateful attendee emailed: “I find such singing … to be such a wonderful spiritual uplift, and your event was no exception.”

The next annual hymn concert is set for Sunday, Nov. 20, 2016.

Listen to a partial recording of the concert:


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