About Harmonies Workshop

Mission Statement

Harmonies Workshop, a Fraternal Ministry of the Lancaster Mennonite Conference since 1992, is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit music ministry. Harmonies is committed to creating new Christian music resources for the church worldwide through performance, resource development, leadership training, and product creation.


Founded in 1987, Harmonies is acountable to an independent Board of Directors and depends entirely upon the financial support of individuals and congregations.


Music Groups

>The Foresingers

>The Table Singers


Can I order Harmonies products direct?

E-mail us at office@harmonies.org, or visit our Amazon.com store.

Does Harmonies have a physical store?

No. Harmonies produces CDs and wholesales them to stores and online. By appointment customers may stop at the office to pick up a product. Office hours are Monday, Thursday and Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Calling ahead is advisable. A few releases are avalible directly on the Harmonies website. Find our products at our store at Amazon.com. Many products are carried by MennoLink Books at www.mennolink.org/books.

What is Harmonies?

Harmonies is the working name for the Pennsylvania corporation officially named Harmonies Workshop, Inc. It is governed by a board of directors currently consisting of Mike Burkholder; Rhoda Denlinger, Sec.; Dr. Stanley Godshall, Roger Ledyard, Treas.; Dorcas Miller Lehman; Glenn Lehman; David Sauder, Chair; and Gretchen Thomas.

What is Harmonies' mission?

Harmonies is a music ministry for people who love hymns. Harmonies is committed to the preservation and promotion of church music leadership through performance, resource development, leadership training and product promotion.

What has Harmonies done?

Since our inception in 1987 we’ve performed live for well over 20,000 audience members, sent out over 18,000 tapes and CDs and other products we carry, and reached an estimated 200,000 listeners through our radio specials ministry. One hundred and seventy singers, 60 programs, 12 records, and five radio specials have made this possible. We reached audiences in the millions with our appearances on the PBS and Canadian documentaries.

Who are Harmonies staff?

Glenn M. Lehman is our executive director. Other staff functions are handled by out-sourcing and contracting indiviually for each project

Is Harmonies a nonprofit organization?

Yes. Harmonies has 501(c)(3) status with the IRS and contributions are all tax deductible according to the laws that apply.

Is Harmonies related to any church institution?

Yes. While Harmonies has an independent board of directors from a variety of church backgrounds, we are a fraternal ministry of the Lancaster Conference of Mennonite Church USA. Harmonies services are not limited to any church body, and our financial support comes from a wide range of individuals interested in our work across the country.

How long has Harmonies been operating?

Harmonies began the ministry in 1987 and was incorporated by Pennsylvania law in 1992.

Does Harmonies present live music?

At least twice a year we offer programs based on hymns, once in the Spring and once in the Fall.