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Meetinghouse Treasures

Early German hymns sung in Lutheran, Reformed, Mennonite and other churches in the 1700s and early 1800s. The recording includes 21 hymns, a few of which are translated and known today, such as “Sleepers, Awake” and “Out of the Depths.” All the hymns are still used by several old order Mennonite groups.


An informal anonymous old order ensemble sings them on this CD to slow tunes derived from German chorales, ancient folk tunes, or from later tunes of American hymnody.“

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The Holy City, Eastern Mennonite College 1963

The Holy City:
Eastern Mennonite College 1963

Recording of the 1963 live rendition of A. R. Gaul's oratorio "The Holy City" and Haydn's "The Heavens Are Telling" and Handel's "Hallelujah Chorus." The college (now Eastern Mennonite University) community presented this annually from about 1930 to 1970. Here is one of the shining moments of EMC acappella singing with J. Mark Stauffer directing, before piano was added a few years later. This CD is taken from a reel to reel copy, deemed to be the best recording available.


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Best of Table Singers Volume 3

Holy Light:
The Best of the Table Singers Vol. 3

The material on this CD was first released as two cassettes. The 1995 cassette, Beulah Land, features hymns from the 1953 Songs of the Church a hymnal edited by Walter Yoder.


The other cassette, produced in 1997, is called Acappella Early Gospel of the 20th Century and J.D. Brunk Classics. It features early 20th century hymns from various hymnals.


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