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Table Singers

Table Singers 2003
Table Singers 2003

Front row: Ruth Lapp, Peg J. Zaring, Nancy M. Nissley.

Second row: Sara Jane Landis, Mary Angell, Priscilla A. Jutzi, Pat A. Witmer.

Third row: John H. Landis, Nelson Kling, Ken Barge.

Back row: Roger Ledyard, Wesley Mast, Stan Godshall.

Who are the Table Singers?

The name "Table Singers" refers to the singers table which in early American meetinghouses was the focal point of the room. At one end of it the minister would stand to preach. Around the other sides the leading singers would sit and lead the singing as a group, because as the music was mostly oral it often took a group to know a whole hymn tune. The texts were read from the hymnal. The mission of Table Singers is to give leadership to traditional acappella singing as Mennonites have experienced for the past century.

The Table Singers, based in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, gave their first program in 1987. They now have a total of 12 recordings, which includes two Christmas albums and most recently two "best of" classic hymn collections. For a list of the Table Singers recordings visit the catalog.


Booking Information

If your church or organization is interested in booking the Table Singers, we would be happy to work with you. Please plan as far ahead as possible. Because the group is large we can respond to only a few requests per year. Sometimes the costs can be covered with a free will offering and sometimes it is better to set a fee, depending on the circumstances. Please call Glenn Lehman at (717) 656-2749 or send an email to office@harmonies.org.